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Thursday, February 4, 2010

YOUR Vagina

Many women despair about the size, shape, and color of their genitals. Most men believe total myths surrounding the appearance and sexual effects and performance of a woman's vagina. For instance, the whole myth concerning looseness/tightness. "Slutty women are loose, if a woman has had sex with a lot of men, then her vaginal opening/canal is considerably wider than a woman who has had fewer sexual partners..." -bull fucking shit. The size of a woman's vagina is something she's born with. Kegels don't make your vagina "tighter", it simply strengthens the muscles within it which can cause a more dramatic "grip" if you will whenever the vagina's involuntary and forced contractions occur during intercourse. Don't feel bad about yourself if your vagina's opening is large. Don't make your twat sore incessantly excersizing it, don't cry if a guy talks about your stuff being loose to his dumbfuck friends, there's a simple solution to this problem-GET YOURSELF A BIGGER DICK TO FUCK.

There's another myth about excess labia. Men have gone off of the illusion of what's in pornographic magazines that a cunt is supposed to be nothing more than a hairless crack. First of all, porno mags airbrush labia out of the shots. It seems to me that men don't even look at the women they sleep with's vaginas, which is ridiculous. Girls, there is absilutely NOTHING wrong with you if you have excesss labia. In fact, I think it's kind of dumb to call it "excess"...it's there, most smaller woman have it, and it's part of their vagina. Adding the word "excess" to it just makes it seem like it's a malignant growth, something that's supposed to be cut off or that gets in the way or tripped over. That, too is ridiculous.
Some women feel the need to excessively fill their poor little love mittens full of powders, creams, and douches out of fear that some asshole guy is going to broadcast that they stink down there. A vagina is its own little eco system full of ever present fungi, enzymes and bacteria that are needed to keep a chemical balance that is necessary to fight infections that can occur in the vagina, felopian tubes, urethra, urinary tract, and bladder. Every vagina has a scent. Sometimes the scent is stronger based on your diet, hair type, and evironment, but, unless it smells like something rancid or EXTREMELY fishy, there's nothing wrong with it and it is actually worse for your "works" to fill it full of chemicals constantly. Sweatiness is yucky, but if you're worried about sweat and moisture apply a bit of anti-perspirant to the surrounding area. It isn't necessary to shove anything full of germ killing chemicals inside of you. The germs in your lady glove are there for a reason. It isn't supposed to smell like a rose garden. Your butthole stinks, too, but do you give yourselves enimas daily to make it "fresh"? No, you don't, and if you do, there's something wrong with you. One thing that can make you smelly down there is a dirty penis or internal ejaculation, but guys don't ever feel pressed to shove stuff in their pisshole or douse it in antisceptic solutions on a consistent basis, now do they?
Give your vagina a name and ignore anyone who bad mouths it. Mine's named Pinkerton, and I love it. Be good to it. Take care of it. Give it a break. It's YOURS, not anyone else's.

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