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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have A Very Happy VD, Y'all...(vids & commentary)

This is Mr. Henry Charles Bukowski, one of my favorite poets...in a drunken arguement with his then fiance, Linda. I hate to say it, but I have been guilty of being the Bukowski in a couple of my early relationships...but Jesus, I learned how to stop being such an immature turd, this guy's, like, in his late fifties here. Then again, with Uncle Buke being the tortured soul and ugly man that he was, he didn't even have a real girlfriend until he was in his mid twenties. On top of that, he ended up becoming famous, and that always changes everything.

This tiny, short little bit of an interview really made me think about all of the loves of my past, and of course, about my current and future relationships. Looking back on the boys I once lived with or even dated compared to the man I live with now, it seems like the one I have now came from a different planet than they did. It's so true that the older you get the deeper love you need...deeper in the respect that one needs a higher level of understanding, a different kind of attatchment, and a new sort of companionship and comfort that your first loves never seem to measure up to. This is one reason why I can't understand why anyone would want to, for instance, marry their high school sweetheart. As one matures, I believe that their unions, friendships, sex, and the needs and wants also mature, and morph as we grow older. If anyone really ever actually finds someone on the first try that does that without any otherworldly influence, it has to be a miracle of sorts...and I'm not even sure if I believe in miracles.

Just watch and listen to the story...I shouldn't have to explain it...it's all here.

Whoever did this...nice job, man... I get it.

I was just gonna post the love scene that from this movie with this song, but youtube is stupid...there isn't even any nudity in it!!! But anyway, it's my favorite love scene from a movie...for some reason I have a real problem with heterosexual love scenes...they just hardly ever seem like they have any significance to the rest of the film and usually are put in there for gratuitous purposes. I'm even more biased when it comes to girl love because in my opinion, when it's real, it's the purest, most sweet and emotional form of love there is. Think about it, all of the raw emotion that a woman naturally possesses bound with another woman's passionate longing and impulsivity... I just can't find anything dirty about it.

I KIND OF know what a situation like this is like as far as not being able to be with someone you love and having to deal with them being in your life, then you need the next best thing so you end up banging their best friend or sibling, and, of course, there not being a god damned thing you can do to make it go away...but I've never been in love with anyone I'm adoptively related to...that must suck...

I'm not that big of a fan of this movie, but I say this kind of shit to my boyfriend almost every day... Doesn't anyone else feel that way, ya know, when something's so fucking cute you feel like it shouldn't exist or needs to be destroyed?


  1. These clips,well most of them are from things I hold very dear to my heart, or have made an impact upon me. Lemme explain.
    Ah...Mr Bukowski, or as his nom-de-plume was in a few of his books Henry Chinaski. Love him or hate him he had a big impact on my reading and writing. If you take his misogyny with a grain of salt, he wrote beautifully and his poems still give me shivers.
    Hedwig!!! Oh how I loved that movie. It drove this big cowboy to tears. A beautiful flick.
    The hunger - one of those great vamp flix of the 80's. Gawd, I was a big Bauhaus fan, all maudlin and dark haha. I still like listening to songs like 'Bela Lugosi's dead'
    Royal Tannenbaums - Hehe lved the film and know the exact scene you have posted all too well.
    You are very fast approaching my top blogger list.
    Stay well x

  2. WOW!!! Yay! That makes me all tingly inside! I don't know what else to say because you've said it all!