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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pot Connection

Okay, I'll just get it out of the way and let everyone who doesn't already know that I smoke pot. I'm not the annoying lazy stupid pothead type that has to smoke a ridiculous amount on a daily basis in order to keep my sanity, I just like to have about five to twenty bucks worth of pot on hand so that I can periodically take a couple of hits here and there throughout the day. After I run out, I don't feel the aching need to go on an adventure or play hours of phone tag to buy more, and really, now that I think about it, I really don't even care for spending money on the shit. I could get by for a month on what bigtime potheads throw away...the crumbs they sweep from tables and trays, the roaches or roach papers they discard, or even the resin that they push through their pipes and pitch into the trash.

I know people who are actually fucking retarded that can get a bag whenever they feel like it. I know people that are fucking known narcs that don't even have to look for it, people will bring it TO them. Pregnant women, cops, fucking church deacons...It seems like the entire community of chiefers in my area, regardless of how sketchy their habits are, can seemingly effortlessly obtain a ganj buzz while it is nearly impossible for me to even find a fucking joint. Every once in a while (especially in times like NOW when I'm fucking depressed and in physical pain) I'd like to just have a pinch...Why the fuck is it so hard for me to find a reliable pot connection?

Most of my friends smoke pot, HELLA more than I do, and usually have a bit on hand, but for some reason, no matter how close they are to me, won't even offer me a tiny bud to enjoy for when I'm at home. They'll smoke me out when I'm around, but get all huffy if I ask to buy a miniscule amount to have around for me-time. To tell you the truth, the times that I like to be stoned the best are when I'm relaxing by myself, listening to music, or watching the tube, which is something I do believe potheads fucking can relate to, so why the bloody fuck do I get all the "I'm not a drug dealer" static from them when I ask if I can scrape their fucking resin?

It doesn't help that I now live in an area where I barely know anyone, and the people I do know are fucking stiffs that don't do anything illegal. It's not like there's a convention where you can find pot dealers looking for clients. Not only that, but even if I did find a dealer, I'd be a shitty ass client because I would barely be buying anything from them. I don't even need a dealer, I really just need a fellow pothead that doesn't mind giving me a bud a week. I can't afford to buy large amounts of the fucking shit, and I'm generally not a fan of spending over twenty bucks on ANYTHING, let alone on stupid fucking pot.

I understand that people have to be careful who they trust when it comes to shit like this, but half of the time the people that are so fucking paranoid about who they'll sell a spliff to are the same jerk off dolts that will post pictures of themselves smoking on the internet or have potleaves all over their myspace pages...where's the logic in that?

All in all when it comes down to it, maybe I just need to accept the fact that potheads are generally annoying people that practice plenty of philosophies that don't make any sense. For instance, hippies that don't bathe but drive brand new cars, so-called intellectuals that couldn't tell you the name of a single philosopher, white kids that wear Bob Marley tshirts but don't know who Haile Silassi is or use the word nigger on a steady basis, thugs that wanna follow some kind of street code by keeping their suppliers a secret yet they will smoke out in the open in a bar parking lot, cops that wanna bust people's balls for not having insurance and claim to respect and follow the law while they screw underage girls and get high like cheech n chong, parents, students, and employees that are so paranoid about losing their kid, scholarship, or job but have to be high to deal with all of them, etc. etc. etc...Well, I'm not any of the above and I don't think I should have to resort to being any of the above so that I can be considered a person risk free and safe enough to sell a joint to.

Oh, and for anyone reading this that is prudish enough to believe that this blog post could get me into any trouble, you're an idiot. Cops wouldn't be even remotely interested in me considering how this post has elucidated the fact that I don't even know any drug dealers, never have anything on me worth busting, and I couldn't even tell them where I could obtain a mesely gram of wacky weed. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. I wish I had something to put in mine.

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