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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Did cum run down your leg while you hung above the multitude?
Just as it did for the boy ravaged by guilt for having it happen to him
as he felt his Godly father thrusting inside of his colon?

Did you delight in the betrayal, did you become aroused by the fatal kiss?
Can you speak for the others touched by your father through the hands of his chosen warriors?

The holy ballgag, the divine spanking, the olympian nipple clamp
the proverbial anal speculum of the javelin in your side.

Did your loving father lead you to galgotha by pulling on a leash?
Did you take the candles from the altar and drip the wax down your chest?

I think you're more like me that anyone would like to admit.
You don't deserve my stilletto ground into your spineless back.

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