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Friday, February 5, 2010

My Ugly Blog

I know that my blog is ugly and very, uhm, how shall I say, tacky, but then again I'm finding that many people on here that have the tech-savy blogs are fucking so lacking in substance that they are mind-numbingly dull. Yeah, the pictues and complicated headers are nice to look at, but the WRITING is mostly made up of shit that should be kept in a personal diary because there's absolutely nothing worth reading. I'd like to think that maybe someday my blog will actually have followers and visually stimulating adornments, but for now I'm happy with my simple ugly little worthless blog.
I know if I had a handful of speed I could probably figure all of this crap out and take the time to make it look better, but I don't have the attention span to work on it at this point.


  1. Your blog is not ugly, I find it incredible that you are honest and self-deprecating.
    The ugly blogs are those who babble on about their stupid families, their ugly children and what amazing foods they snacked on at grandmas 900th birthday.
    Yours is something that I like a lot, hence my choice to be a follower.
    Keep em cumming!

  2. MUAHHAHAHA! Yeah...that's about right on. That's such the truth, man.