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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Religion is Stupid.

There ARE intelligent religious people in the world. The trouble with this is, though, that I can't wrap my head around how this is possible. Jews are about the only ones I can really stand at this point. Their beliefs are far-fetched, but not as badly as the rest of these religious intitutuions are, most of the things that they believe don't have to be reworded and re-thought to better suit modern times (in fact, they follow the same doctorine that they have for thousands of years, without the desire to chop peolple's heads off), and they don't shove their beliefs into others' faces. However...
Catholicism-How the fuck can anyone follow a religion that covers up what their religion's leaders have done to rape and molest children? There are thousand of proven cases of this happeneing around the world...and the vatican does nothing to avoid or stop it. Why do priests do this? It can't be all out of celebacy, because if that were the case Bhuddist monks would be molesting children. The reason is because it's ACCEPTED! Then, what's even fucking crazier about Catholic is that even AFTER one has become a victim of a Catholic pedophile, they CONTINUE to follow the religion! What the fuck? Hey, y'all...ya heard this one? What's the difference between a zit and a priest? A zit will at least wait til you're twelve to come on your face...get it??

Islam-ISLAM IS IN NO WAY A "PEACEFUL" OR "LOVING AND TOLERANT RELIGION"! There are peaceful and tolerant muslims in the world, but by their being peaceful and tolerant muslims they are directly forsaking the entire philosophy, doctorine and basis of this fucking nutty religion...which is...STUPID!!! There is no way around what the Quoran states about their endoctorination of violence...it's there...and it means what it says. There is no way to soften, or make the ideology behind enforcing violent, painful, sadistic death upon anyone that doesn't follow their rules nice or gentle. It's not a metaphor. It is what it is...zelous, nutty, and fucking brutal.
Anyone who believes in it or follows it is fucking STUPID. There's just no way around it.

Scientology-"Alien ghosts possessed my body and made me an unhappy person..." MUAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAA!!! Are you serious? The founder of this crackpot religion even publicly stated that "the best way to make money is to start a religion.." Not only that, but the guy dabbled in writing science fiction novels...uh, red flag alert. Not only are they incredibly stupid for believing in such nonsense, but they're in a cult! A cult that packs up children and puts them in camps, where they are dictated and forcibly held until they are adults so that they can make sure they are good n' brainwashed before they send them out among the masses. Do people know that it's a new rule in Scientology that people are no longer allowed to bring children into the religion and that they are paying for and forcing their prishoners to get abortions? Yeah, uhm, how...STUPID!

Mormonism-How can anyone seriously believe that men must have a harem of women to have their babies so that when armegeddon happens in Independence, Missouri, and everyone leaves on their private spaceships to their private planets, it will be easier to repopulate those planets. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

I'm tired of religions, especially CHRISTIANITY, believing that one can be cured of homosexuality...I'm sick of people giving the whole..."Other Christians believe instupid stuff, but not me.."...THEN WHY BELIEVE IN ANY OF IT??? I am not going to follow any group that I cannot stand behind one hundred per cent. Religious, political, or otherwise. That's not the way shit works. That's like saying "I beilieve that 2+2=4, but only some of the time...Here's some videos. I have to stop writing about this cos it's pissing me off and making me hate people.

Pt. 1 of a Nightline profile on Scientology, part two is also online...I just found this right now...after I wrote this...WOW.

I love this guy...I subscribe to his videos...It helps that he's FUCKING HOT...


  1. Religion is horrible when it's used to justify bad things. I've been trying to get through the Bible for the last few years and there are some really terrible things in there, particularly the old testament. There are parts where genocide - including the brutal murder of children - are ordered by God. I don't see how any sane person could ever think that any half-decent God would ever sanction genocide. If there is a God, which I doubt, he/she/it sure as hell wouldn't decide that babies had to be murdered. I think that's why religions are formed, to get people to do things. Sometime way back when some Israelite wanted his people to kill every single human being in some town. This is morally reprehensible to 99.9999999% of human beings, so how does he convince them to do it? He tells them "God" commanded it. It can't be wrong if God says its OK, let's go murder some little kids now.

  2. I think it must be rag on religion day! My post is similar to yours. I found your blog (about 30 mins ago) by searching for "mental illness". I completely agree about there being intelligent folks who are heavily into religion and I am with you on not being able to understand it. My husband is one of those people. I think he only does it to fit in with his family who are born-again christian.

    I was at a Matthew Good concert recently and he totally blasted scientology for being completely based on stupidity. I could not stop laughing. It's not even like the guys' novels are any good either! I'd be more inclined to follow something out of Tolkein..I'm sure it would make for an interesting religion.

  3. I am agreement with your observations my wise and friend, all religions are indeed stupid in the most egregious ways.
    And I mean ALL, including the cuddly ones the West loves such as Buddhism. Anything that promotes a 'higher power' or something beyond our ken of understanding pulling the strings of our lives is fallacious to the nth degree.
    Well done! I can feel a big blog coming on about this one, you have spurred me on, thanks..

  4. Oh, and furthermore, arguing is pointless with such poor misled souls.
    To paraphrase AC Grayling dealing with believers does not require argument, but a serious mental health checkup.
    Sometimes I really think he is correct, especially when trying to reason with boggle-eyed fanatics.