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Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Brutal Opinion of America...Here Come The Death Threats

In the past I've always defended my own claim to be proud of my country and my rights as an American.

The truth is...it's bullshit. Aside from being glad that I have freedom of speech, I fucking hate this country and everything it stands for. If you know me and my personality, you'd know that if I lived in a country where there was no freedom of speech, I'd die or be imprisoned, and take my punishment with my chin proudly pointed up. I also think It's such a shame that the beauty the American landscape provides is shrinking. I don't care if that makes me sound like a hippie. I'm not proud of America's brutal foreign policy. I don't support the war. I used to say that just because I didn't support the war didn't mean that I didn't support our troops, but ya know what? I don't support them, either. If someone wants to voluntarily subject themselves to the possibility of killing people for a shitty cause, they're bloodthirsty assholes. There's no honor in fighting this war, if you ask me. I don't feel that way about ALL servicemen, but I do about the majority of them. Take a poll of people in the US military and I bet it will come back that most of them are raised in Christian Republican homes. I think that America is fucking generic. I think it's ridiculous how our politics are lumped into two parties, a one-size fits all culture wrapped in supposed good intention and friendly competition when the truth is that America just wants to swallow the world whole just as we do with our fatass lame cuisines. I'm sick of people gushing about the illusion of the "American Dream", which is, all in all, a bunch of cronyism and nepitism. Americans are generally stupid and close-minded assholes. America has always claimed to be the good guys when the US has rubbed elboes with some of the most evil dictators in world history...including Hussein and Stalin...until it wasn't working out, then we lynched them. Isn't it great how you never hear about Stalin nearly as much as you do about Hitler, too? It's so nice that we neglect the history of genocide that fucker initiated with two or three times the fucking death toll than Hitler's regime ended up with. I'd leave if I could. This place is a disaster. The whole origin and foundation of this country is based on raping, enslaving, murdering, and intimidating our way into getting whatever we're after. How can anyone take pride in that? Then, of course, I have to deal with the dumb-assness of flag-waving yellow ribbon crowd members, which most the time are stupid fucking rednecks that haven't the slightest clue what they're even bitching about when they rag on people like me for excersizing the freedom they all claim to be protecting and advocating. These so-called patriots not only claim to celebrate freedom while refusing my right to exploit it, they also ignore the social movements that fought for and won such freedoms. Oh, and let's not forget the whole "derka-derk-y dink dink TERRORISTS"...America's had its hand in plenty of it's own terrorism! We're fat and stupid. I hate it. I hope to fucking god, for the sake of my kid or kids I can get the fuck out of here before the world mans up and bombs us off of the map. Hmmm...It probably won't even have to come to that. We'll probably destroy it ourselves.

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