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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I've been wanting to write about this for sooo long. It pisses me off that I'm going to have to hold back on it out of the fact that what I want to really say is going to piss people off. I'll just say that I feel the same way about racial, sexual, and gender sensitive slurs as I do about the word "cunt", while being a woman. A lot of people are afraid of the word cunt. Most women will cut a bitch if they get called one, but barely flinch at being called a bitch. I don't get this. I think that if you're going to give a word power, then you're as ignorant as half of the people throwing the word around. I also feel like it's pretty stupid to say that I'm a racist judging by the rainbow variety of enthnic cock I've sucked...willingly. The problem I run into with hate speech is that I don't use it to intentionally hurt anyone. I don't run up to people and call them fags, spics, etc... but I do say slurs sometimes, and most of the reasoning behind using these words is the fact that they're fun to say because I'm not allowed to say them...and I love doing things I'm not allowed to do. I don't run around saying 'nigga' like I think that I'm THAT cool with black people. I feel like I'm an intelligent enough of a person to determine which words I will use and how I will use them.

On another note, I am so sick and fuckin tired of stupid white rednecks giving the whole "there's a difference between niggers and black people...there's white niggers" speech. I always ask them immediately after to define what a nigger is to them, to which they always reply "A person that doesn't have a job...and plays loud music...and has a bunch of kids...etc etc etc..." No they don't, they think black people are niggers...and ya know what? If that's their opinion of what a nigger is, then I'm one. I don't work, I smoke pot, I listen to hip hop, I love big cars, and I smoke menthols...I'm socioeconomically deprived, I've been discriminated against because of my appearance and lack of income. I've been on food stamps...and I'd proudly wear the label. I don't care. Jusy like I don't mind being called a cunt. I'm also sick of white people being on the whole "I can use the n-word...black people do all the time..." Uh, no they don't. As far as I'm concerned, the word "nigga", has morphed itself into an entirely different word...and white people need to get over the fact that they can't use it freely without looking like an asshole. That's just the way shit is. Do it at your own risk. I like that black people have taken back the word. I just wish women would follow suit with the word cunt.


  1. You easily win the award for "most offensive blog title". As a rule I say offensive shit to all of my friends all of the time. Growing up where I did white was the minority so you learn to get a sense of humor and IQ about how to deal with race or your name becomes "white boy". From my personal experience if someone calls me gringo I call them a spic. It usually works, hell I think you get more respect for it. Not sure I'd recommend anyone else using my tactics but it works for me, I've got friends from all races. I just need an eskimo to make fun of.

  2. Yay! The politics of pissing people off.. I like this blog:) I think we're past most of these words having any real power anymore, but its all context isnt it.. And its fun to get your tourettes on and just get all gg allin on everyone sometimes..

  3. Cunt doesn't bother me as much as bitch. Not sure why.

  4. I don't like vulgar name-calling of any type.

  5. this blog didn't make much sense. It was really bad. but thanks for reading it. Sorry I totally eluded the rest of what I wanted to say. I couldn't think of a smart way to word it.

  6. Why do some women think it's cool to label themselves a bitch? I thikn it's fucking retarded. Most of them only wish they were "bitches". "Yo, I'm the biggest bitch, yo. You better not mess wit me." Yeah, I am more afraid of the quiet ones who don't need to run their mouths about being soooooo badass. I suppose I am a nigger too by the definition you gave. Well, I have an income, I am on disability. But I listen to hip hop and smoke herb on a reg basis. I have been to the foodbank on more than one occasion and I am not to proud to say it. I am a heinz 57 nigga!

    I think Tribe's song 'sucka nigga' is a good one which explains the takeover of the word by black youth in the early 90s.

    ...Blog made sense to me.