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Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Unsolicited Advice=Failure

I think I just broke up with my best friend. It's gonna suck so bad. I don't really have any other friends I can really count on to spend time with me that I can rely on being as understanding or funny as her. She was the only other atheist I had in my life besides my husband. I feel absolutely lost and stupid, but I've fucked things up beyond all recognition.
It all started when I began to drunkenly give unsolicited advice to her about her realtionship and from there it spiraled into me giving her a barrage of unwanted opinions on how I think she treats her girlfriend like shit. I called her a dick and her girlfriend a retard for putting up with her.
I had been meaning for about two years to tell her that she had been acting more and more like a mutated mashup of all the negative personality flaws that both of her parents possess, mainly that of her father, whom she hates. I didn't do it in so many words, but I did tell her that she had been acting like a "crabby dad" since she became the dominant, more masculine roleplayer to a more submissive person in a relationship. I had begun to forget about it until one night about a week ago when after a 5 hour breakup with her girlfriend she posted "99 Problems" on her Facebook page and proceded to call me and tell me how many "hot dykey girls" were hitting her up within changing her relationship status. By the next morning she told me that her girlfriend had basically guilted her into reconciling, and how "she better lick (her) ass cos the next time she fucks up she was going to beat her ass and leave her with all the bills."
From then on I began to lose sleep and the burning in my belly to tell her how disgusted I was with her behavior when it came to their relationship had been lit. I wanted to point out to her how I felt she made a sport of how demanding and snarky she could be to this person she claimed to love. I felt terrible for having thoughts of disgust for my own best friend, but I couldn't hold them back any longer. A few nights later I was talking to her while I was drinking. She informed me of how she was going to allow her girlfriend to clean out a shit and piss soiled kennel of a dog she had volunteered to babysit for a friend after she got home from working a most likely eight to twelve hour shift. I told her that was wrong, and it morphed from thereinto a shitstorm.
The thing that drove me to continue lashing out at her about her relationship, something that I admittedly really didn't have any business doing, was the fact that she refused to acknowledge the fact that she had ever done anything wrong to this girl. At one point I had become uncomfortable visiting them because I couldn't stand listening to the way she talked to her, and having to hear her girlfriend whine about it every time my bff left the room. I hated listening to her yell and demand at this girl as soon as she woke up when I would be spending the night. I got tired of having to act like I didn't think she deserved it whenever the girlfriend would lash out on her. I was just tired of pretending like the way she showed her ass in their relationship had changed the way I thought about her as a person.
Why did I open my mouth? Why did this become so important to me? Why did this cause me worry and strife? I feel absolutely horrible, but the truth of the matter is, I can't have total respect for someone that takes advantage of a weaker person like that. I'm extremely conflicted as far as to how I am going to deal with this. I want her to be happy, but not if it means walking all over someone else. The thing that I don't understand is how I can be so concerned with an aspect of someone's life that isn't really any of my business. I'm more disgusted with myself than I am with her.
I could sit here and come up with a thousand ways she acted disrespectfully or hypocritically with this girl. I guess the truth is that I don't feel comfortable being close to someone who could be so inconsiderate to someone they love. Even though she didn't do any of this to me, I just find it hard to be buddy-buddy with a person that is, for lack of a better term, "mean", and completely oblivious and lacking in remourse to their mean-ness.
Or maybe I'm just a meddling jerk that needs to keep their fucking mouth shut. I seriously just think I wasn't meant for meaningful and long-term friendships because I can't keep myself from holding a magnifying glass over the things I don't like a bout people. I don't make a lick of fucking sense, because I'll be crying out of loneliness once the results of my actions set in.