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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Security Gaurds

I was just sitting here thinking about crazy dreams I had...that made me think about prison guards, and they made me think of prison. Thinking back on the only people whose faces I saw daily or almost daily while I was locked up made me realize how much of an impact they all made on me. Counselors, inmates, caseworkers, and, yes, securiy gaurds...In a messed up way I think that people that have to deal with the system probably set their outlook on the idea of family based on those figures. One thing most people would forget is that these people that become your family during the times when you're dealing with them are being PAID to be your family. It's such a constant betrayal of trust when you drift away from these people...when they get promoted, when they get moved to another facility, when they GO HOME... It really kind of sucks when the time comes that you finally realize "this person didn't probably didn't want to be nice to me (if they even were), they HAD to be...they didn't want to call me, they HAD TO"...etc...

Every once in a while I look in the state of Illinois D.O.C.'s inmate search for people I used to be locked up with. I'm sure more of them are in there than I can find since a lot of them probably got married. Sometimes I can dig a few up. I've been thinking about writing one of them. Maybe she needs it.

Oh, and if you know someone who works as one of these figures...tell them to be as nice as they can to the people they are being "PAID" to deal with.

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