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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ghost Turds..A BUM Deal.

Anyone familiar with the term "ghost turd"? Well, ya know how most people gotta look down at their product after dropping a brick? Okay, well, a ghost turd is whenever that little bastard slinks its way so far into the toilet hole that you can't see it. So, you KNOW there's a big ole lincoln log in there, you've felt it vacate, smell its presence, and hear it splash...but you can't see it. They really piss me of. All of that toil and effort...just so I end up looking down and not get to see what it was all about. Whatta letdown. The past few days I've had a real problem with these. I haven't seen any of my stink pickles in over 72 hours.


  1. Annoying, but the most annoying is when you lay a cable and all you see is its head poking shyly out from under the pipe and you think hmmm, all tip and no iceberg...

  2. I laughed so hard I just peed a little

  3. Haha, that's where depend adult continence aids come in handy for me if I know I am in for a laff fest and will lose control of my bladder function.
    Your post had me spraying all over the joint when I read it haha. I needed a full change of clothing, plus a carpet steam clean!
    V funny...