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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Here's 4 Creepy-Ass Videos

Goddess Bunny

In case you're wondering, yes, dis bitch is SERIOUS. Learn all about her by watching her short documentary on youtube!

Robot push ups

I'm guessing this was put somewhere public, like a mall or something in...you guesses it, JAPAN. I can't imagine what nightmares that poor child watching this thing probably had later that night...and probably for the rest of his life.

Creepy Yoga Guy

What in the cocksucking fucking fuck.

The Sultan's Elephant


  1. what the fuck.... the first one? wow, I don't even know, and then the third one with mr. pedophile? Now I'm watching this crazy ass puppet lady. You know you're creepy, I can say I'm beyond creeped out. The depths of your depravity delight me.

  2. I have seen that first one before but it's a beautiful trainwreck. It, for some reason or another, reminds me of the movie Gummo. Have you seen that? I recommend it.

    The second video is a great example as to why I am fascinated with Japanese culture..?culture? Did I say that? heh
    The Japanese are fucked up, and I love them for it.

    Umm..the yoga guy(?) is ...obviously so obsessed with breathing because at some point in his life, he was seriously deprived of oxygen and thus resulting in a slight retardation...Also, he seems to have an obsession with "vegetables".. I am betting the children are closer to his intelligence level. And WTF..The rooster's name should be Roostafari. Not Rasta. Shit.

    The 4th vid is fucking cool. Is that the world's largest marionette?

  3. The Goddess Bunny was a transgendered performer out of LA. The reason for her tininess is due to the fact that she had polio. Really, you should watch the doc on her, it's very interesting...she smokes, curses and drinks like a sailor...