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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Awesomely Weird Greatness

This is Ariel Pink. He's a buddy of John Maus. They've made some pretty sweet tunes together. No John in this particular diddy, but for some reason, I love it so much. I don't why. I love it when he says "Nancy", and I swear to god he says "you know I'm always gettin' raped" at the end of a verse. I don't care what the lyric engines claim he's really sayin'.

This lady also sings under "Bubonic Plague". She's got a nice pair, and this video makes it possible to understand the glory of this woman's body when it's naked because of the way those sheet toga dresses hang off of her braless upper torso. Dig the "OOOH NOOO!" parts, too. They crack me up. (*I had to go flick my bean after I watched this, I ended up passing out...it kind of ruined my day. I had shit to do...like post this stupid shit.)

Yeah. It really is an Italian song about a rock n' roll robot.

Listening to a lot of M.I.A. is probably partly responsible for my recent dabbling in foreign music (I'm not gonna call it "World" cos it makes me sound like a fag). I don't even remember how I became interested in Eritrea. I don't know quite how to explain it, but there's something slightly haunting about this country...it's people are beautiful...and it's kinda creepy.


  1. Cool vids. About time you post something! Thanx for intoducing me to Ariel Pink. I recognise some of the streets in L.A which reminds me, you need to get the fuck out of St. Boois.

  2. you have good taste.

    XXX from Berlin

  3. thank you...and yes, I do need to gethafuckout of St. Boois.