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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Serial Killer Ex

I had a boyfriend named Tim.
He seemed like an alright guy, til I lived with him for a few months and began to find out a lot of disturbing shit about him.
He had a porn addiction. Not just regular old porn, though...It was simulated borderline child porn. The girls would have braces and pigtails, VERY small breasts, etc.
He had an obsession with cumming on girls' faces.
He used to take me on drives and once we got to remote areas he would drive erratically, exceeding speeds of 110 mph, and would laugh when I got scared or cried.
A few times when we were having sex, he would choke, slap or punch me...not playfully, either...he drew blood.
Sometimes he would ask to drag me to bed by my hair. He wanted me to fight on the way there. When I'd decline, he'd become angry and leave.
Sometimes, "as a joke", he would make really disturbing comments toward me, like, "I'm gonna cut your head off," "I'm gonna strangle you," or "How 'bout I stab you in the chest?" ...I really think he meant it.
He had a really weird relationship with his mother. She kept ALL of his money, and controlled his finances. Sometimes she would come over unannounced, and just walk into the house. If we locked the door, she'd get pissed off.
I had him arrested once for hitting me. While I was in the police station filling out my reports, she arrived. She was very rude to me, called me a liar, and then proceeded to try to bribe the jail into letting him go. There was a 72 hr. hold on him...it wasn't the first time.
Every time an attractive woman was on a commercial or something, he would make the same disturbing comments. "How bout I split you with my cock," "Shut the fuck up and die, you whore..."
When we broke up, I kept some of the simulated kiddie porn just in case I ever heard of any girls going missing.
I don't claim to be "psychic", but something about our bedroom scared me. It didn't only scare me, but it also scared my best friend who used to stay over a lot. The other day, I was talking about it with her, and we both touched on the fact that we were creeped out by the closet. I always wondered if maybe something happened in there that left behind some kind of bad mojo. Or what if it just hadn't happened yet?


  1. Sounds like a real charmer this one...egad...glad you made it out intact in mind and body.

  2. I had a freak boyfriend for five years. We didn't live together. Since we weren't together 24/7 his violent streak didn't show until we broke up. Then I had to disappear.

  3. This sounds awful. I had a psycho last year, and my current guy is a bit twisted, but what you write would sicken him about this man. His particular fetish is for skinny women, normally blonde (a bit like myself) fucked in every hole by men with big cocks then come on face etc. But I'm sure he has other tastes, to be honest he's mostly put them on when I have been around and his friends are there, if they feel up for a coke fuelled gang bang. I told him I will no longer oblige his boys after all the grief they have caused me.

  4. omg, my dear... I'm sure... It's right up his alley...but, idk...i never will

  5. I'm glad I found your blog. I enjoy your stories. Keep on Keeping on