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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Mother's Day Edition...VIDEOS!

My mom threw a knife at me once...but she wasn't aiming to miss.

I saw this and pissed myself in laughter.

I have a feeling that this is gonna be me in 20 years.

If he had just killed his mumsies first, he may have saved the lives of all of the rest of the people he killed...

This really reminds me of my mom. Bigtime.

This is pretty serious.


  1. They seriously need to make a version of the entire exorcist like that. I'd watch it.

  2. Great Great videos. I especially like the knife throwing mothers.

  3. Yeah my ma didn't do the knife thing to me though I copped a fair smacks upside the head from her and I mainly took it in my stride.
    She left the serious shit for dad who I reckon took pleasure in actually beating me. I figured he was so insecure in himself he thought he could somehow take out his frustrations on me, rather than punish me.
    I remember I used to slouch, so he fixed a knife to the back of the chair so each time I didn't sit up straight I would get a poke in the back with a chef knife.
    I entertained the idea of really leaning back into it causing myself serious injury, but didn't. I was too scared of the beating I would get for trying to harm myself.
    Love the vids my friend, you rock!!