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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Internet Identity

I've never really ever set up any profiles on the internet without giving away, either through photos or by disclosing my name, who I am in real life. Anytime I've attempted to do so I've always ended up giving in to the temptation of telling the world that I, Michelle Stone, am the person expressing the thoughts and feelings expressed through various blogs, message boards, and status-plugging sites. Why do I feel the need to suject myself to such deliberate lack of privacy? Is it some type of exhibitionism? Does it have something to do with the fact I've always wished I'd be widely known for something? Imean, it doesn't really make any sense. I feel terrible about myself in every area of my being, so why do I feel the need to own all of the crap that runs through my head? Why do I let people see my tits? Why do I make my aging face viewable to the world? I need to stop being so judgmental of people who don't understand me, especially on the internet, because I don't even "get" myself.


  1. Aah...there you are. I thought you had dropped off the face of the earth as everytime I wanted to comment 'it' said 'blogger not found', but detective dan found you again. Hmm..I wonder if my tweaking of buttons has caused this or it is a ghost in the machine???
    Oh good post btw, will have to trawl through your other stuff now I've gotcha again lol

  2. Haha I have thought about that too.. I normally do the exact same thing!! Although I believe with this blog by some miracle I haven't yet , but the urge has been so strong at times... I linked it once to my facebook page.. for a minute... I'v put some of my own photography on it.. which kinda gives me worms in my gut.... and I have added a few people from my readers here to my facebook (DANGEROUS ;/.. SO I know that strange tug... I think it may be a part of screaming out.. perhaps even though after all this time no one has understood or made a difference.. maybe JUST FUCKING MAYBE... there is still someone out there............. Its (I believe) our inevitable annoying survival instinct... That even when you are POSITIVE death (or hiding in some obscure cave or running away to the desert) is the BEST choice and/or idea for yourself and others..... You -just-can't-entirely-let-go.............. Not yet....