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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Deactivated my Facebook account...AGAIN.

Yes. I have gone through the process of weening myself from my affiliation with Fagbook once again. It took me about fifteen mintutes to find the tiny footer to click on that leads to the process that "deactivates" my account. I clicked on it and was redirected to a single-question survey asking me why I had decided to do this with about seven different answers I could choose from and couldn't move on until I chose one. They use this piece of shit ass thing when you decide to get rid of the ads from your existing page, too. The last choice is an "other", which is what I always want to choose, but if you decide to choose this as the reason for your not wanting to see an ad or rely on their addictive and maniupulative social tool for updates on people for whom you mostly could give a fuck less about, you are required to explain yourself in your own words in a box that is given for you to do just that.

The mono-mini questionaire was like a whining freshly dumped long term girlfriend in that the available answers in the multiple choices below the question were that of "I do not find Facebook useful", "I spend too much time on Facebook", blahblahblahblahblah...I don't even remember what I chose. I just wanted out.

I gave the few people on my Facebook that I thought might actually want to have further contact with me a message including my e-mail address. Three people responded to this with emails. After doing this I later learned that one of these people decided to send my best friend a snotty ass message complaining about how in my deactivating my account I was "pushing people away". I wasimmediately vexed by this. I jus thought, "are you fucking serious?"...and yes, she was. That's when I had to stop and confess that as much as I did not want to know or believe it, the social reprocussions of any kind of drama cooked up on these sites are, as silly and retarded as it is, very, very, VERY real.

I have to accept that not having a Facebook account is much like not having a phone. If you don't have one, you're most likely a weirdo. People will think you have something to hide or that you're paranoid. Another sad fact is that not having an account can throw you out of the loop completely as to what your friends or family are up to and could very well be the only way they will contact you. I don't know why or how it has come to be that the only way people will keep in contact with each other is if you allow them to shove every aspect of their life in your face through the powerful modicum of successful social media. It's so fucking narcissistic and pompous to assume that everyone involved in your life wants to know that much about you, and will still want to be around you after they do. The magic of human relationships is partly based on mystery, and knowing too much about people you are involved with could very well end up with you no longer respecting them, or worse, hating them.

I've been known to overshare on these sites, but never as far as to let the entire world know my motives as a consumer. Why in the fuck people are stupid enough to let robots know what they buy in these sites is beyond me. They retards look at the side of their page and see these ads disguised as little tidbits of personal information that the person has left out about themself...like, "Hey, narcissistic consumer drone...you use Downy fabric softener, eat Planter's peanuts, and shop at Wal-Mart, don't you? You're leaving out information about yourself that is vital to letting your family and friends know the REAL you by not informing them of whether or not you use these products, so 'Like' them so we can know more about which ads to target you with, so you'll BUY OUR SHIT!"...and who could forget the ones disguised as cool shit related to entertainment..."Hey, we're going to automatically assume that you're dying to be hip and won't pass up the opprotunity to listen to this band that is on the same label as another band that you like, so 'Like' The Wheatle Wogs..they sound a lot like Guided By Voices!" FUCK YOU! I'll fucking "like" what I already know about and won't fall prey to some corporation's robots that have targeted me as a consumer.

But you know what? After all of these things I've said, I'm finding that at some point, I'm going to HAVE to go back. And, yes, it is for no other reason than my own selfish desire to make myself known for the sake of my writing and shoving my views, personal preferences, and opinions down the throats of others. I'm an idiot.

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