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Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm Not Dead...

There is absolutely no excuse for my utter lack of writing lately besides the fact that I've been slightly uninspired. I can no longer spill my guts the way I once could. Although I tend to lean toward the belief that my life has become a bit boring, there have been sporadic events that have blossomed in bittersweet ignitions. I got married. There have been a couple of deaths. I've patched every ragged relationship in my life. I have learned to refrain from my bitterness.
The truth is that the things I could write about are either too painful to divulge or are just simply uninteresting.
My husband bought me a laptop in October that I've only used to look at pictures of boobs or download bad music onto. I received it in the hopes of writing again and at first the reason I couldn't bring myself to was because at the time I was too comfortable and happy to find anything in particular to rave about. Unhappiness and complacency seem to be huge artistic motivators for all of us who find ourselves members of the creative realm...but alas, tragedies resurfaced. I realize these tragedies are of no particular interest to enquiring readers seeking entertainment and besides that if I forced myself to tell the world about them I can honestly say that the welling of tears in my eyes would make the completion of any entries pertaining to them nearly impossible as well as unbearable.
My issues with self-loathing, destructive behavior, and suicidal ideation haven't completely disappeared, but they have become a fuckuvalot more scarce as compared to other periods in my life. I haven't felt the need to write droning twelve page epistles dedicated to how worthless I am or how much I want to die upon the lined pages of comp notebooks. I haven't felt the urge to fill a blog with posts slamming the existence of everything I love and hate. I will, however ALWAYS have those dark passages deep within my psyche...I will always have bouts of my being lost within them...I can't make that go away. I will never try to.
I haven't done anything very differently, so I'm not quite sure what has brought about this hiatus of my utter batshit insanity...but I think that the fact I have felt something very foreign or ill received has been helping to keep me alive and coping for the past year or so...
real love.
...and I believe some gratitude and groveling is in order to those who have given me this love...
it may not even be love...it could be respect, or understanding, but whatever it is, I'd like to thank those who matter the most in my life for making me finally feel like I'm deserving of it.


  1. Every one deserves love and respect...or at least attention long enough to determine if they do. SMILE

  2. Ok...now this is your first official entry for a while. I somehow got directed to a rape-o story thinking that was your first for a while...anyway I babble as is my wont.
    Welcome back..glad to see you are still with us and will share some of your brilliant turns of phrase ;)