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Sunday, August 15, 2010


  1. Here is the thing. Just being different isn't enough for people to want to hang out with you. People want to hang out with people that they have fun with. You have to ask why your friends ditch you and hang out with her. It sounds like it's not an isolated incident. Really ask yourself why that happens. It's like being a driver that goes against traffic and saying the others are driving backwards. You are the common denominator. Just on this post alone, I notice that you get pissed off that she makes friends. A true friend should never be pissed when good things happen to others. That makes you sound like a hater and people aren't down with haters. Plus if you always see things as 1/2 empty, people will consider you a Negative Nancy and will avoid you. I had a friend like that I now avoid because hanging out with him is stressful and he's a downer. Also, you have to give her some credit for being her own person. Just because she is younger and learned from you doesn't mean that she didn't add her own element to make people like her. It takes more than being gay for people to be drawn to you. Also even if she is dumb, she may have other qualities that people like obviously. In describing her, you focused only on her negative traits. So It's not her or the friends or her gayness, it's you. I think you are smart and interesting and unique and I share some of the same cynicism and outlook in life as you and I have friends with similar personalities but most people get offended with "bitchy personalities" ( I mean it in a good way). So either get nicer or make better friends that will accept your baggage. I would love to be your friend should you ever want honest feedback.

  2. I bitch a lot while I'm blogging because it's the only way I can express the negative way I feel about most of everything in the world and in life. That shouldn't suggest that I don't know how to act toward or around people. I'm smart enough to know when my behavior is the direct casue of something. This is one of the cases where I'm completely stumped. I wrote about it here because I won't talk about it with anyone due to my awareness of how shitty it sounds. Well, I have talked about it, with HER. What's even more weird is that she aknowledges the truth in what I posted...and she wonders the same thing. This girl is every bit as jaded and bitter as I am, and can even be a little more outwardly offense in her means of doing so, but when she expresses that acrimoniousness, she always gets the same response, which is something to the effect of "Ha! Aw, that silly Katie! Always so angry!" but if I do it, I get death threats in my inbox and severed relationships. I could even go as far as letting people see some of our online profiles so they could see the uncanny similarities in opinions that we share and the difference in reactions/responses. I never implied that I didn't want her to have friends...I only meant to say that it would be nice for once in my fucking life to hear some positive feedback when it comes to my personna because it's frustrating as fuck having to live in the shadow of someone for whom you are both mirrors of. The only thing I can compare it to is it's like we're identical twins, but one has a multimillion dollar modelling contract while the other lives on the street. I guess I'll never know why this is. Now I feel even shittier for writing this. I admitted that it was pissy and dumb, but I can't help the way I feel...I had to get it out somehow...

  3. Hey, dont feel bad....
    I used to feel the same way with a friend of mine that I believed I had "created" lol!
    maybe they dont take her seriously?
    I guess is that..
    mm I wouldnt like saying something.. a rant or something and that people would react "haha that's silly" I mean.. they treat her like a silly baby lol
    dont feel bad, what you feel is normal
    it doesnt make you a bad person
    and if it does.... well
    you are not alone, we are 2 haha.